Jose Pereira

Legal Researcher, Judicial System Monitoring Programme (JSMP)
Jose is a Legal Researcher at the Judicial System Monitoring Programme (JSMP); he works with three other colleagues in the Parliament Watch Project (PWP) Unit which focuses on monitoring the National Parliament, conducting legal research and analysis, and promoting public participation in legislation process. He is also responsible for communications with international partners such as Forum-Asia and Amnesty International concerning human rights violations and conducts community training on democracy and legislation process. He considers the misuse of tradition to discriminate against women and youth, and the role of the police force as significant human rights challenges in Timor-Leste. Consequently, he believes this training program will enable him to contribute more to JSMP, Timor-Leste and globally in promoting human rights and justice for all people. He also believes this DTP Training will assist JSMP in promoting national and international relations and communications with state and non-state institutions.

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