CRC Webinar – Child Removal in Australia: Violating the CRC

The Committee on the Rights of the Child has expressed concern at the increase in child removals and the inconsistent criteria for removals across different jurisdictions. It highlighted the disproportionate rate of removals of children from First Nations’ families and made a number of recommendations on these concerns. It calls on Australian governments to Strongly invest in prevention measures for children and their families to avoid child removal and, when this is a necessary measure, to limit it to the shortest time possible, and ensure participation of children, their families and communities in decision-making, to guarantee an individualised and community-sensitive approach.

CRC Webinar – Child Removal in Australia: Violating the CRC2021-11-09T16:39:21+11:00

CRC Webinar – Using the Convention in Practice – A view from the Bar

This webinar is the tenth in a series which is developing greater knowledge and understanding of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This webinar looks at the opportunities to advance children’s rights using state based human rights charters, with a focus on Victoria. While these laws do not incorporate international human rights law and do not explicitly refer to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the lack of such a requirement does not preclude use of the CRC, CRPD, General Comments and other UN instruments in judicial decision-making, judgments, and legal arguments. The webinar continues on from the previous webinar in the series, held in September, in which New Zealand Judge Tony Fitzgerald reflected on the benefits of applying the CRC (and CRPD) in achieving better outcomes for children and young people and on what using the CRC means for children, litigators, the police, social services and others working with children. This webinar will draw on the perspectives of two practicing barristers to explore how the CRC and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights can be used in judicial proceedings. They will share their experiences in applying human rights-based arguments in litigation and discuss what could be done to enable or encourage reference to the CRC and the UN Committee’s Concluding Observations in cases, litigation and judgments.

CRC Webinar – Using the Convention in Practice – A view from the Bar2021-10-08T15:44:08+11:00
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