Elizabeth Tari

Legal Officer, Transparency Vanuatu
Elizabeth is a Legal Officer working for Transparency Vanuatu’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC); she receives clients who have issues related to corruption and assists them in forming complaints to relevant public agencies. She also attends meetings with such agencies in order to reach a resolution. She is also currently coordinating ALAC’s Education Project investigating the use and effectiveness of Vanuatu’s School Fee Grant aimed to ensure all primary school children have access to education. Complaints Elizabeth receives often involve breaches of the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the Constitution of Vanuatu. She would consequently like to participate in this program in order to better understand and address human rights issues, and to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for advocating for human rights. This would then assist her work in dealing with complaints received at ALAC and dealing with higher levels of government more effectively.

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