Diaspora Communities Program

That training helped us understand the significance of having practical knowledge on human rights advocacy for a country like Myanmar. DTP made us realise that even though we all live abroad, we have certain leverage, and we should use it thoughtfully and in an organised way to help push for change in Myanmar using international mechanisms.

About the program

This program supports community advocates from diaspora communities in their advocacy for human rights, peace and democracy. From 1990, DTP supported the Timorese diaspora in Australia. Since then, it has provided practical training to diaspora communities advocates from Tibet, Burma/Myanmar, Nepal and West Papua.

DTP’s diaspora programs build understanding of international law and relations, build skills in advocacy and building solidarity and provide a neutral space to come together to build networks and support.

Last activity

Online Program

November / December, 2021

This program was launched in solidarity with those working for human rights, peace and democracy in Myanmar. It was intended to be a practical contribution to their work at this time of human rights and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

Next activity

Sydney, Australia

11-12 February, 2023

This program, in partnership with STARTTS, is a two-day residential training program on human rights advocacy for selected NSW diaspora community members and to explore the development of a longer term capacity building program.

Key Issues

  • Human Rights
  • Democracy
  • Peace
  • Solidarity


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