International Human Rights Mechanisms Program

I would like to say, the UPR online course was really useful as it helped us structure our submission and helped us do indepth analysis... Again we really appreciate this initiative (UPR training) which was a great bonus for us.

About the program

These programs develop the capacity of human rights defenders to effectively engage with and use international human rights mechanisms as part of their human rights advocacy strategies. International human rights accountability mechanisms include the UN Human Rights Council, the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and UN Human Rights Special Procedures and UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies.

Using these mechanisms to have an impact on human rights requires knowledge and skills – and an investment of time and resources.

DTP’s programs on International Human Rights Mechanisms are developed with partners and experts and enable the sharing of knowledge and experience.

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Deforestation in PNG.
Online Program

February / March, 2021

An online capacity building program for civil society in PNG. The program objectives were to increase knowledge of, and enable participation in, the UPR process and to build networking on human rights among different civil society groups across PNG.

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Online Program


This new program will build the capacity of community advocates and human rights defenders in the Pacific and Asia to engage effectively with a key UN human rights accountability mechanism – the UN Human Rights Special Procedures (SPs).

Key Issues

  • Gender based violence (GBV)
  • Human Rights Defenders at Risk
  • Indigenous Peoples' rights
  • Forced Displacement
  • Business and Human Rights
  • Child rights


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Links and resources

"An Opportunity for Advocates for the Human Rights of Migrant Workers". Brief introduction to the UPR Process from DTP, providing advice and guidance on the way that NGOs can best engage with the UPR Process.
A guide for human rights advocates from The Advocates for Human Rights

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