Jermayne Williams

Family Individual Support Worker, Mununjali Jymbi Centre
DTP has taught me how to advocate - from who to contact and network with, to using the most effective mechanisms in my advocacy work.

Jermayne is currently a Support Worker in the Family Support Department of Mununjali Housing and Development in Beaudesert, a small town on the border of the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Aboriginal communities face ongoing discrimination, including over housing.

“Participating in DTP trainings has kept me up to date with developments in Indigenous human rights and mechanisms, and I was able to transfer this knowledge to my colleagues and networks.”

Jermayne has attended three DTP programs over the years: the 2015-16 Oxfam Indigenous Youth Program Modules in Australia; 2015 Human Rights and Development Program in Myanmar; and 2014 DTP’s and Oxfam’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Human Rights and Advocacy Summit in Australia.

“The DTP training has assisted me to translate the skills and knowledge I have learnt to other people within my community. The DTP courses taught me how to advocate effectively for the rights of Indigenous peoples and have made a positive impact, as my community have learnt more about their rights.”

Jermayne has advocated actively with the newly formed ‘Men’s Group’ within Mununjali Jymbi Centre in helping to campaign for the rights of Indigenous peoples, especially raising cultural awareness to the public on the sacred relationship the Indigenous Aboriginal community holds with its land. He educates the community of the skills and knowledge he has learnt from the DTP programs and ensures the community understands their rights to ownership of their land, the need to protect sacred resources and artefacts from land grabbing and forced displacements, and to educate Indigenous youth at schools to improve literacy and numeracy.

July 2017

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