Manoj Rai

Advocacy and Communication Officer, Lawyers’ Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples (LAHURNIP)
Manoj Rai is belongs to the Aathpaharya Indigenous people of Nepal. He is an advocate of Indigenous human rights. He is Advocacy and Communications Officer at LAHURNIP, which puts him in a strong position to voice for the appalling conditions of Indigenous people and address their human rights. As LAHURNIP is non-governmental organisation working towards protecting, promoting and defending the human rights of Nepalese Indigenous people, Manoj is able to actively voice for human rights violations in his community. With his long affiliation with LAHURNIP, he has emerged as a strong activist for Indigenous human rights in Nepal. Currently his advocacy aims at addressing human rights of Indigenous population with focus on business related issues. He looks forward to enhancing his ability to work towards protecting the rights of Indigenous peoples from development aggression.

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