DTP alumnus Aslam Abd Jalil visits DTP

DTP alumnus Aslam Abd Jalil visited the Diplomacy Training Program offices in Sydney after completing his PhD studies in Queensland.

Meeting with the DTP staff and volunteers and others, Aslam reflected on his participation in the DTP/MFA capacity building program in Malaysia. He said that participating in the training had influenced his choice to continue focusing on issues of forced migration and the rights of migrants and refugees.

Aslam spoke about the diversity of the refugee and migrant worker force in Malaysia and how different cultural perceptions of these groups by majority Malaysian communities leads to discriminatory treatment by employers and the government. Some of Aslam’s post-doctorate work will be focused on addressing this to make Malaysia a more equitable society. Aslam shared the difficulties faced in achieving practical change, as well as his hopes for the future, including future program areas that DTP can focus on.

Aslam ended the visit by thanking DTP for helping him find and sustain his passion in this area. DTP hopes to continue working with Aslam and other DTP alumni in Malaysia.

DTP alumnus Aslam Abd Jalil visited the Diplomacy Training Program sharing his progress in completing his PhD studies and advocating for refugee and migrant worker rights in Malaysia. 
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