The Convention On The Rights Of The Child: Hearing the Voices and Perspectives of Children and Young People – Useful Links

Speaker and Partner links

Dr Faith Gordon’s Academic Profile

Dr Faith Gordon’s Twitter

Angus Lonergan’s Twitter

Amnesty International Youth Advisory Group

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights Twitter

DTP’s Children Rights Program

DTP’s Twitter

Fiji Council of Social Services (FCOSS)

Jean Hinchliffe profile

Theo Boltman profile

Tom Saxton profile

Young Ambassadors Program, UNICEF Australia

Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic)

Youth Law Australia

Youth Law Australia’s Twitter

Josaia Tokoni, Fiji Council of Social Services, UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji

Resources from the webinar

Committee on the on the Rights of the Child

Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

Committee on the Rights of the Child: Concluding Observations on the Combined Fifth and Sixth Periodic Reports of Australia

Draft General Comment No. 26 on Children’s Rights and the Environment with a Special Focus on Climate Change

General Comments: Committee on the Rights of the Child

General Comment No. 12 (2009) The Right of the Child to be Heard

Membership: Committee on the Rights of the Child

Angus Lonergan Testimonial - Youth Engagement & Leadership, Affinity Intercultural Foundation

Assuring Children’s Human Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression in Education, Jenna Gillett-Swan and Jonathon Sargeant, International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology

Australian Government Youth Advisory Groups, Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Biloela Family, The Guardian Australia

Cassius Turvey: Three More Charged with Murder of Indigenous Perth Teenager, The Guardian

Child Protection Program, UNICEF Australia

Children's Right to Participation in Practice webinar, DTP

Children's Rights and Access to Justice webinar, DTP

Diverting Children Away From the Criminal Justice System Gives Them a Chance to ‘Grow Out’ of Crime, The Conversation, Faith Gordon

Enabling the Meaningful Participation of Children and Young People Globally: The Lundy Model, Queen’s University Belfast

Information for Children and Young People, UNICEF Australia

Prime Minister, Your Religious Discrimination Bill Puts Teen Lives At Risk, Theo Boltman, The Age

Racial Profiling, Surveillance and Over-Policing: The Over-Incarceration of Young First Nations Males in Australia, Grace O’Brien, Social Sciences

#RaiseThe Age Campaign

Student Debt Cut for Teachers Who Go Rural Under Federal Government Plan, 7News

The Convention on the Rights of the Child: The Child-Friendly Version, UNICEF Australia

The Fight to Raise Australia’s Age of Criminal Responsibility, Dechlan Brennan, The Diplomat

The Next Federal Government Should Establish a National Youth Advisory Council, Zara Maddigan, The Examiner

The Rights of Children with Disabilities: Australia's Double Failure webinar, DTP

Transgender and Gender Diverse Children and Young People: Australia's Human Rights Obligations webinar, DTP

Urge to be Heard on Youth Forum, with commentary from Tom Saxton, Shepparton News

Victorian Youth Congress