The SDGs, Implementing the CRC, and Children’s Participation – Webinar Recording

In its Concluding Observations on Australia’s 5th and 6th reports, the UN CRC Committee urged the Australian Government, “… to ensure the meaningful participation of children in the design and implementation of policies and programs aimed at achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals as far as they concern children ...” The recommendations repeatedly drew links with the SDGs including in relation to children's mental health of children, free, equitable and quality education, eliminating discriminatory laws, policies and practices, and on urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, Goal 13. The recommendations have direct implications for allocating resources and for drafting federal and state budgets.

In this 20th webinar in our Child Rights series, we were joined by Dr Doel-Mackaway (Macquarie University) and Professor Claire Fenton-Glynn (University of Cambridge). Dr Holly Doel-Mackaway looked at SDG-related UN recommendations to the Australian Government and what is required to ensure appropriate and meaningful involvement of children and young people, in particular Indigenous children and young people. Professor Fenton-Glynn critiqued Australia’s budgeting system which largely ignores the SDG’s requirement of a child rights focus and excludes children and young people’s voices.