Advocacy and Human Rights in ASEAN for Human Rights and Democracy in Myanmar

Mahidol University, Bangkok

27-31 March 2023

This program has concluded

A Capacity Building Program for Myanmar Diaspora

This program is being launched in solidarity with those working for human rights, peace and democracy in Myanmar. It is intended to be a practical contribution to their work at this time of human rights and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar. Effective human rights advocacy makes a vital contribution to building peace. It is targeted at Myanmar disapora advocates and their partners working solidarity in ASEAN countries.

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) was established in 1989 by Nobel Laureate José Ramos-Horta. Since then, many Myanmar human rights defenders have participated in DTP’s human rights advocacy courses. These courses build understanding of international human rights standards, the UN system and ASEAN. They develop skills in strategic advocacy, lobbying and media.

Military repression has made peaceful advocacy in Myanmar difficult and dangerous. There is a need to step up human rights advocacy by those outside Myanmar, and particularly in ASEAN, as ASEAN and its member governments have a critical role to play in restoring democracy, peace and the promotion of human rights.

What will participants learn?

DTP is committed to supporting those advocating for human rights and democracy in Myanmar and is developing this program to bring members of the Myanmar diaspora community together and build their capacity to engage more effectively with international human rights mechanisms, ASEAN, the media, and other stakeholders to address the growing human rights crisis in Myanmar.
will have the opportunity to network with and learn from each other through practical exercises, and to build on their current experience by working with expert resource people working in the region.

  • International human rights standards and mechanisms
  • Strategic advocacy: plan, execute and evaluate a campaign with clear objectives and impact that matters
  • Engaging effectively with the Parliamentarians, Governments, and ASEAN
  • Business and human rights and advocacy on sanctions and investment
  • Building community support and alliances
  • Media and communication

Program methodology

DTP training methodology is participatory and practical, with an emphasis on group work, role-plays, discussion, and simulations so as to ensure the practical relevance of all training sessions.

Who should apply for the training?

This course aims to offer practical assistance to up to 30 participants based primarily in ASEAN countries. We welcome applications from individuals in the Myanmar diaspora who are engaged in advocacy experience and/or who have advocacy experience and who want to be involved in building advocacy alliances and engaging governments and intergovernmental organisations in relation to human rights in Myanmar.

Participants will be selected based on demonstrated potential to contribute to impactful advocacy for human rights, peace and democracy in Myanmar. Everyone can make a difference for human rights. Applications from individuals working with organisations/networks will be favoured.

DTP actively encourages women to apply for this course and applications that reflect the diverse ethnic nationalities of Myanmar, and a range of experience in both younger and older advocates. Selection of participants will factor in diversity.

Who are the trainers?

DTP trainers are experienced and highly respected local, regional, and international human rights leaders, academics, diplomats, media, and United Nations professionals who understand and support DTP’s philosophy of participatory training and valuing of human rights defenders. Read more about our trainers.


There is no charge for this course. The costs of the course, accommodation and meals in Bangkok are being met by DTP funders that believe in the value of investing in individuals working for human rights, peace and democracy. Read more about our funding.

Subsidies for travel costs for participants from ASEAN countries are available.

If you need more information about this course, please contact us here.

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Program report from DTP's program on Advocacy and Human Rights in ASEAN for Human Rights and Democracy in Myanmar held in Bangkok.

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