Transgender and gender diverse children and young people: Australia’s Human Rights Obligations


Friday 27th May, 2022

5.30pm-6.30pm AEST

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The third of this year’s child rights webinar series aimed at developing greater knowledge and understanding of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) will focus on the rights of transgender and gender diverse children and young people. In its Concluding Observations on Australia’s reports, the UN CRC Committee expressed concerns about a number of areas related to these children and made a series of recommendations about the protection of their rights. These reflect the interpretation of the CRC outlined in General Comment 20 of the Committee on the implementation of the rights of the child during adolescence.

The current debates in Australia over the protection of the rights of transgender children and young people, and the discrimination they face provides the context for the theme of this webinar. Dr Georgina Dimopoulos from the Swinburne Law School will reflect on the Family Court of Australia's approach to the medical treatment of children and young people experiencing gender dysphoria. Young transgender activist Theodore Boltman will comment on the attempts to discriminate against transgender children and young people on religious grounds.​

NOTE: At least half an hour will be allocated for questions and answers, and comments


Dr Georgina Dimopoulos is a Lecturer at Swinburne Law School. She is experienced in legal and policy evaluation, and doctrinal, qualitative and empirical research, in the areas of family law, children's rights, privacy and family violence.

Theo Boltman is a 16 year old transgender non-binary writer, activist, performer and high school student. They are deeply passionate about transgender activism with their writings about their trans and Jewish identities published in The Age. Their other passions include climate change, their year 11 literature class, and the academy awards. They use they/them pronouns.


Dr Noam Peleg, Senior Lecturer UNSW, Book Review Editor, The International Journal of Children’s Rights.

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Theo Boltman's presentation at the 15th CRC Webinar, in conjunction with Youth Law Australia and Australian Lawyers for Human Rights.
Dr Georgina Dimopoulos's presentation at the 15th CRC Webinar, in conjunction with Youth Law Australia and Australian Lawyers for Human Rights.


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