Eurosia Almeida de Fatima

Legal Researcher and Court Monitoring, Judicial System Monitoring Programme (JSMP)
Eurosia works for JSMP as a legal researcher and she monitors court cases such as violence against women, domestic violence, and other violations of human rights. She also focuses on corruption cases. She provides information through social networks, and updates on the performance of institutions and judicial processes. She also drafts JSMP’re press releases for certain cases. Eurosia also conducts training and advocacy to students and community leaders on having access to formal law, and on human rights, gender-based violence and sexual assault. From the DTP program, Eurosia hopes to get a better understanding on the various legal systems in the region and learn from other participants and trainers experiences. She hopes to become a better advocate, empowering women and children to recognise their rights, as well as fighting corruption. She also wants to implement a sound and sustainable legal system in Timor-Leste, a system that promotes and adheres to human rights.

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