The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Hearing the Voices and Perspectives of Children and Young People – Webinar Recording

The importance of climate change for the realisation of the rights of children and of future generations is recognised by the CRC Committee, which is currently drafting a General Comment on the issue. But children have a wider range of concerns. These include the rights of Indigenous children, children with disabilities, and transgender children as well as the whole range of civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights encompassed in the CRC.

In this 21st webinar in this Child Rights Webinar Series moderated by Dr Faith Gordon (ANU) and Angus Lonergan (UNICEF Australia), the voices of children and young people were heard. We heard from Gavin Choong, Tahlia Nesfield, Abbey Marler, Jean Hinchliffe, Theo Boltman, Tom Saxton, Harrison Oates, Zara Maddigan and Josaia Tokini. We heard their expectations and their demands of the recently elected Federal Government, and on State and Territory authorities. Their voices should and must be taken into account in the preparation of Australia’s next report to the UN CRC Committee due in 2024.