2018 Reflection and Review Program on Building Effective Advocacy and Collaboration Strategies for Civil Society Advocates Along Key Migration Corridors – Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

March, 2018

This program has concluded

This program was a collaboration between DTP and Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) to enhance the capacity for effective and strategic collaboration on the advocacy for the rights of migrant workers’ rights in countries of origin and destination. The program was hosted by the National Network for Safe Migration (NNSM) and participants of the program included alumni of previous DTP national and regional training programs.

Since 2004, DTP and MFA have worked together to provide programs that are a unique contribution to efforts to promote and protect the rights of migrant workers in Asia and the Middle East. Following 14 years of regional and national training programs in countries of origin and destination, a reflection and review program was organized to explore ways in which collaboration can be built along migration corridors to enable effective action on cases and policy/law reform in countries of origin and destination.


Abu Ahmed Faijul Kabir
Ansaruddin Anas
Barun Ghimire
Basanta Kumar Karki
Charles Nasrallah
Hom Karki
Nepal, Qatar
Indra Deo Yadav
Jasiya Khatoon
Kamal Thapa Kamal
Kamal Thapa Kshetri
Kanaka Rao
Kazi Abu Shaleh


The program, funded by the ILO, brought together participants from countries of destination in the Middle-East and countries of origin in South Asia and enabled the sharing of good practices and lessons learned, looking at how better communication and coordination between groups and networks could enable more effective case work, facilitate access to justice and collaborative work on policy reform.

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