2020 Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Business

I learnt many things about human rights issues, especially about girls and mothers… women and girls in the community where I come from have been living under discrimination and pressure. With my experiences from the training, I will try my best to address part of it.

Online Program

November / December, 2020

This program has concluded

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) in partnership with the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) held an online regional capacity strengthening program – ‘Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Business' from 23 November - 11 December 2020.

This program strengthened the knowledge and skills of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) advocates to protect and promote human rights, and the rights of IPs in the context of COVID-19, increasing threats from climate change, rapid economic development and the impact of large-scale development on the lands and livelihoods of IPs. The program built knowledge of international human rights standards and mechanisms relevant to the impacts of business and develop capacities to apply and integrate this knowledge into advocacy strategies on business and human rights.

The program was delivered online over a period of 3 weeks (3 sessions per week).


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Program report from DTP's program on Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Business held online.


Abigail Kitma
Bhabana Rai
Bhim Rai
Billy Paten
Chanchana Chakma
Dinesh Kumar Ghale
Durga Mani Rai
Falguni Tripura
Fuatai Williams
Helen Mangula
Papua New Guinea
Jhericca Justin
Joelson Anere
Papua New Guinea

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