2023 Vanuatu and Human Rights – Universal Periodic Review


Tuesday 26 September, 2023

1pm - 2.30pm (VUT)

This event has concluded

In 2024, human rights in Vanuatu are being reviewed in the UPR’s Fourth Cycle. Civil society organisations (CSOs) have opportunities to participate in different stages of the review, to engage in dialogue on key human rights issues and to influence the recommendations made to Vanuatu’s government.

Drawing on reports from the government, UN agencies and civil society, the UPR identifies key human rights issues and make recommendations to improve protection and fulfilment of human rights, including through international cooperation. The review complements other human rights accountability processes and draws on input from UN agencies.

The UPR process provides CSOs with opportunities to build knowledge and understanding of human rights and to promote human rights-based approaches to development at the national level and with development partners. It provides openings for civil society voices in Vanuatu to be heard on human rights, the environment, sustainable development and climate change in a key inter-governmental forum in Geneva – as well as domestically.

The first opportunity for this is written submissions for the report containing a summary of information submitted by other stakeholders, which is considered during the review. These are due Wednesday 11 October.

DTP and partners are holding a series of practical capacity building and technical assistance webinars to enable civil society in Vanuatu to effectively use these opportunities to raise their concerns around human rights, gender-based violence, climate change, the rights of persons of disability, the impacts of the private sector etc. It will increase the knowledge of civil society regarding human rights.

The first 90 minute webinar will be held on Tuesday 26 September at 1pm (Vanuatu). A follow up webinar will be held the first week of October ahead of the written submission deadline.


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