2024 Building Resilience for Human Rights and Democracy Movements: Sharing Lessons and Building Collaboration in Capacity Building

Bangkok, Thailand

28 - 30 May, 2024 (TBC)

The Diplomacy Training Program is organising a workshop with representatives of human rights and democracy organisations/movements in Asia and DTP alumni/trainers with to reflect on the lessons from approaches to capacity building on advocacy for human rights, and to develop collaboration in response to the closing civil society spaces and rise in authoritarianism.

Human rights and democracy are interlinked in so many ways, including in the aspirations of people and their movements for dignity and justice. Training and capacity building is one of the most important ways that these movements for human rights and democracy invest in their resilience and regeneration.

As democracy and human rights movements in Asia face increasingly authoritarian governments and growing restrictions on civil society space, there is value in sharing experience and lessons learned in human rights training and capacity building, and in developing collaboration between movements so that strategies and limited resources have most impact.

This workshop will bring together some of those who have been most closely involved in training and capacity building on human rights advocacy/education and in Asia.

It will provide an opportunity to share current activities and strategies, to share lessons learned and different strategies, and to discuss future priorities and plans in knowledge and skills building in a way that can increase cooperation/coordination and complementarity in meeting the challenges of the region.

Email [email protected] if you are interested in participating.

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