2014 24th Annual Program – Nepal

I would use the knowledge gained to educate my fellow peers and colleagues, I would educate clients who come to see me and inform them better of their rights and the mechanisms available on how we can hold the state accountable

Kathmandu, Nepal

November, 2014

This program has concluded

The Diplomacy Training Program’s 24th Annual Human Rights and Peoples’ Diplomacy Training for Human Rights Defenders in the Asia-Pacific was held in Nepal from 3rd- 19th of November 2014. Thirty one participants, representing fourteen countries- Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Thailand, Timor-Leste and the United Arab Emirates, participated in the seventeen day residential program. The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) partnered with DTP in providing the training.

The program also provided participants with an opportunity to share their own experiences and skills, and to network with one another, governmental officials, DTP alumni and trainers. Participants prepared presentations on the human rights concerns in their own countries and on the work they are involved in as part of their preparation for the program. These presentations were shared throughout the program and were very much valued by other participants, trainers and organisers.

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Full program report from DTP's 24th Annual Regional Human Rights & Peoples' Diplomacy program in Nepal.


Abu Ahmed Faijul Kabir
Antonieta Maia
Binod Guatam
Bishnu Lal Shrestha
Cathryn Anne Eatock
Fadang Tang Randal
Fayez Ahmed
Gulnaz Shaikh
Irshad Ahmed Nasrat Ullah
Jose Moniz
Kachi Chakma
Kania Mezariani Guzaimi


DTP’s 24th Annual Program was organised in partnership with one of Nepal’s leading human rights organisations, Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC). INSEC executive director Bijay Raj Gautam, DTP alumni and head of INSEC’s Human Rights Education program, Geeta Gautam and ICT Unit Chief Shailesh Sharma devoted considerable time and energy to ensure that all aspects of the program ran smoothly and participants were well cared for.  The program was made possible through funding from the Australian government through the DFAT administered ANCP program, Forum Asia and the Ford Foundation – as well as the Friends of the Diplomacy Training Program.

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