Transparency Policy

1. Policy Goals

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) is committed to transparency. For DTP this means disclosing timely, relevant and accurate information about its work, policies, finance and governance in an accessible format, respecting the privacy and safety of individuals, communities and organisations who may be operating in repressive environments.

2. Scope

The policy applies to all Board members, staff and interns/volunteers.

3. Implementation

  • DTP’s vision, mission, identity and purpose, funding sources and affiliations are clearly articulated on DTP’s website
  • DTP’s Constitution is publicly available on DTP website
  • DTP’s Board Members and Advisory Council members are on the DTP website
  • DTP’s annual audited financial statements are publicly available on the DTP website
  • DTP publishes summary financial reports in accordance with its commitment to the ACFID Code of Conduct
  • DTP publishes an Annual Report outlining key activities and information
  • DTP makes reports on individual programs publicly available
  • DTP publishes and makes publicly available its policies on the DTP website
  • DTP will include commitment to transparency in its MoUs with partners, and commitment to transparency will be implemented through the partnerships in program strategy and planning
  • DTP communicates its Complaints Policy and processes through its website and through its programs
  • DTP’s Executive Director or the Communications Officer will respond in a timely way to requests for information.

4. Responsibilities

The Executive Director has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the organisation maintains transparency and accountability while also protecting the privacy and security of the individuals and communities who participate in DTP’s programs. The Executive Director allocates responsibilities in relation to this policy to staff and partners as appropriate.

5. Reviewing this Policy

The DTP Board of Directors adopted this policy on Transparency.

Date of First Adoption: November 2021
Date for Renewal: November 2024