Fransiskus de Sales Lake

Director, JPIC Kalimantan
Fransiskus is the director of JPIC Kalimantan. His work involves the promotion and protection of land rights of the Indigenous Dayak Peoples who fight against the extractive industries which are threatening their resources. Since 2010 Fransiskus has been involved in various activities with the Indigenous Dayak People in Central Kalimantan, such as capacity building on the laws around palm oil and mining industries; carrying out legal and human rights education to local communities; and conducting participatory mapping to ensure the management of the Dayak Indigenous community. Fransiskus has organised and been involved in a number of campaign movements including the Solidarity Movement of The Patani Minority Group of South Thailand and the solidarity movement of the Dayak Borneo in Malaysia. Fransiskus believes this training program will strengthen his advocacy skills and enable him to build his knowledge of crucial United Nations mechanisms and the Human Rights Council.

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