2021 AAI Human Rights Leadership to Influence Policy – Indonesia

This session is interesting because we learn about Indigenous people and their rights that are often violated by government, from the experiences of Australia we could learn how to make solutions for the right of Indigenous people.

Online Program

August, 2021 - February, 2022

This program has concluded

This online program will assist experienced Indonesian human rights advocates in their work to promote and defend human rights in Indonesia. It will facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange with human rights advocates and organisations in Australia and the establishment of collaborative relationships on the rights of Indigenous peoples, the rights of persons with disabilities, the rights of women and children and the rights of LGBT+ communities. It will be delivered by the Diplomacy Training Program with the Australian Human Rights Institute, and the Institute for Global Development at UNSW. It will involve leading human rights advocates from Australia including the Hon Michael Kirby, Chris Sidoti and Professor Justine Nolan and many more.

Program and Learning Objectives:
  • Develop an understanding of how emerging and contemporary human rights issues are being advanced
  • Compare Indonesian and Australian approaches to influencing policies and engaging stakeholders on human rights advocacy, comparing and drawing lessons
  • Strengthen existing partnerships and develop new connections to facilitate coordination between human rights organisations and activists in Indonesia and Australia
  • Develop strategies and practical approaches to influence policies and liaise with decision-makers
  • Develop understandings of, and critically discuss, human rights theory, international and regional human rights institutions and infrastructure
  • Build skills of advocates to be able to influence change, leverage resources, networks and to delegate and develop the capacity of their staff and organisations.

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Program report from DTP's program on AAI Human Rights Leadership to Influence Policy held in Indonesia.


Alimatul Qibtiyah
Andress Hamenda
Bestha Ashila
Endang Melani
Fitria Sumarni
Franky Butar Butar
Hari Kurniawan
Hayati Inten
Julio Achmadi
Kania Nureda
Khotimun Sutanti
Latifah Al Hamid

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